Tuesday, 27 June 2017

something new

Do you know when you have every intention of doing something, I.e writing consistently on your blog, but then life kinda happens and you find yourself in a snowball of emotions and things and stuff, well that.

I kinda feel like I've lived a lifetime in this last 6 months.

It's been the biggest of roller coasters, and even now I'm not entirely sure where I am in my mind. But I know I'm starting to feel like I've some control over my life,  I'm finding my way, and on a path to rediscovering myself.

In part to this, and in part to my domain name running out and being entirely unable to figure out this whole G Suite thing, I'm saying goodbye to this version of A Day In My Wheels and starting a fresh.

I have loved this blog but I feel like I've grown so much from when I first started.

I feel I'm more capable in my voice and experiences to explore life, and life with disability a little more in-depth than when I was 19 and somewhat newly injured.

So be patient with me, I'll be back soon, with all the info for my new blog home.

Ill be jumping straight back in to my dating series, looking back on my experience with care and where I am now. The many funny, annoying, offensive experiences I have had and may face, plus whatever else may be on my mind.

Love C X

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