Sunday, 12 March 2017

I'm still here

So I know I know, I get you all excited about my big come back, and my dating series plans, and I ditch you for a month.


It has been crazy here. Even as I sit here typing this out I don't really know where to start, and yes this is like my third attempt at this post.

There's been so many big changes going on and I want to tell you everything, but trying to find the best way to get it all down and in some kind of order is taking some figuring out.

I am so excited to get deep with my dating series, especially after the amazing response I had from my first post. I have had some great questions from people in a similar situation, as well as some pretty surprising ones that shocked me a little. I think it really opened my eyes as to how needed an open and honest discussion is needed on this subject. I'm in no way pretending to be some kind of expect on the whole dating with a disability scene, and like with dating for anyone, everyone's experience is different. I just hope I can give an insight into how it can be through my experiences and look at some of the issues, problems and difficulties faced when dating with a disability. I have all my titles ready, don't think I'm ignoring you if I haven't answered your question just yet, it's because it's coming up in a post, and I'd rather give you a full story than just a quick answer.

But as excited as I am to get that all going, I am also going through one of the biggest, scariest, but most exciting processes to change how my care (I hate that word) is payed for and provided.

As well as this whole medical, thing that is taking up to much of my time and mostly causing me frustration.

Then there's the fun stuff.. Like my birthday!

So.. Please do bare with me. I have one more week of non stop doctors and specialists appointments, as well as meetings and interviews. Then I can put my half written ramblings into something cohesive.

Love, C xx

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