Tuesday, 29 September 2015

8 Years

Today 8 years ago my life as I knew it changed forever.
Since this day all those years ago I have been through every high and every low.
The plans I had may have altered or been delayed, but never will they be cancelled.
The paths and journeys I take may be different, but I will always land where I was supposed to be, where ever that may be.

For so many years I did struggle, feeling like I had lost the person I was, then I realised, I was 16... We all grow, no matter what our situation.

As my confidence grew my ability to do the things that gave me happiness grew, be old or new.

From these new growing loves I found the passion that would take me to complete my life long dream to go to university. Instead of studying something that I thought was a sensible career move, I studied something I loved,a course that I enjoyed every day, that has the opportunity to take me on so many different adventures.

I've learnt, although I still have moments of sadness when I see people moving forward and I feel a little bit stuck, that we have to live our life at our own pace, by our own standards, doing the things best for us. Instead of comparing your life to others, take enjoyment out of the life you lead, because you never know anyone else's situation, and for all you know they crave the moments you have.

Now as I enter this 8th year as a wheelchair user, I start a whole new chapter of my life. Now a graduate, I move forward from education in to the world of work, a chapter I am anxious and nervous about, but so excited to see where I find myself.

And as always, thank you.. 

To everyone, for the endless amount of support, given in an endless amount of ways..


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