Saturday, 25 April 2015

Sunshine, Easter & Football

Hey folks

I just want to start by saying a huge thank you and welcome to all my new followers and readers.

Ive been overwhelmed with all your kind comments and support.

I'm keeping really busy at the moment.

If i'm not working hard on my final project for uni i'm spending time with those i love.

We've been lucky here in the UK and had lots of sunshine, so i've been taking advantage and reading whilst in the garden.

I'm writing about japanese and american horror films, i'm both enjoying and hating it.

It's really interesting and stressful, but in 4 weeks it will all be done, which is again both scary and exciting.

I have some after uni plans, but we'll see how things pan out... there's a whole lot of future out there.

I was distracted from uni over easter, my cousin came up for almost 2 weeks. if you're a regular reader you will know that this means lots of adventures.

With having new carers around heading to far wasn't really possible, but we made the most of our time.

I also got to go to a football game.

For about 5/6 years before i was distracted by boys i had a season ticket to the best football team ever... Burnley

Going on the turf was something i always loved, and i have missed, so when i got tickets for my birthday i was really excited.

There are a number of spots that are accessible, but we were sat in the away stand.

Once in everything was really easy, access to the concession stands wasn't available, but they had someone that came around to ask if we wanted anything then they went and got it for you, which really impressed me.

Heading in was a little awkward...

We went to the wrong door, when we asked which way we were to go the steward pointed to the steps.. My brother pointed to my chair, to which he said "you can leave it at the bottom of the steps" We both smiled and my brother just said yeah she can't.

I do enjoy a slightly awkward encounter

The guy did look a little mortified and he pointed us to the right place.

It was so much fun, and i'll definitely be going a lot more.

But now the funs over.. back to work

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  1. The view of the pitch looks great! I wish you all the best with your work <3


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