Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Yesterday was my birthday! :) 

I am now 24... So old :) and I'm definitely in the midst of a quarter life crisis, this month I'm getting a tattoo, chopping off my hair and getting my nose pierced.

But anyway, my birthday.. 

After a few days of reading extensively about Japanese culture in horror films I took Monday off.

I've got some great gifts, perfume, a cape, which my friend found hilarious after the whole madonna cape incident, football tickets and this lovely vintage dresser from my mum. I love it, but was slightly unsure where it would go, but after some rearranging, it fits perfectly.

Me and mum went for some lunch and a birthday drink followed by a film, which is pretty spot on for me.

But the festivities continued with tea out with some of the family.

We weren't going to far, to a nearby curry house which is both delicious and somewhat of a love for our family. Heading out there was a slight flurry (I think that's the right word) of snow, which didn't seem to significant.


After a delicious meal, drinks and some interesting conversation the snow had become a bit more of a worry. No sooner had I blown out my candles we had to rush off.

I live in a beautiful spot, and I love it, but every way to get home is up and down several hills. 

We made it half way up the first, but we lost power, stopping meant we couldn't start again, there was no grip and we just kept sliding back. 

Being in a wheelchair makes this whole situation like a hundred times worse. We were faced with a few options.

1. Roll down and find somewhere to stay, but I'd have to stay in my wheelchair all night... Ouch

2. Push the car up, slide down hope we make it up the other hill and home home.

3. Phone an ambulance and possibly betaken to a hospital or maybe a care home, phone mountain rescue see if they could help rescue us.

4. Take me out and try and roll me up and down the hills home.

I will say I was rather apprehensive, a little terrified, a lot anxious.

We were genuinely stuck.

Luckily no one was drunk, and there was 5 of us, not including me, but including our neighbour that had abandoned her car, available to try option 2. 

My brother nearly burnt out the clutch, and the wheels as 4 others pushed the car into another cars tracks, up the hill until it came to a flat, exhausted they got back in and we rolled down the hill, then just managed up the second, just. 

I was doubled up, scared, but also thinking if we did crash it would be safer and there'd be less chance of me getting whiplash.

Next year I might just go for a house party. 


  1. Oh no, sorry to hear about the troubles getting home but I'm glad you made it. Love the vintage dresser!

  2. Oh no, that sounds really scary! I'm glad to hear everything was ok in the end though :)
    The dresser is incredible, so unique, I love it!! Happy Birthday!!
    Emily xx
    Emily May Designs

  3. My kingdom for a slice of that pizza.... yum! I'm sure you'll find away around every day obstacles, all you can do is take each day as it comes - you're doing great as it is so I think it should work itself out (the power of positivity!)

  4. Yikes, that's scary! Everything turned out in the end though, and now you have a story you can tell your friends on your next birthday. Happy belated!!
    xo Carbar

  5. Happy belated birthday you look like you had a lovely day, the end sounds scary but hopefully you are now nice and warm you can look back and see the funny side Lucy x


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