Wednesday, 25 February 2015

I'm Back

Hey guys, been awhile

Sorry for my absence.. I got a little overwhelmed.
Uni took over my life, I don't think I stopped until my deadline at the end of January, 
Even then the few days after were the most stressful of my life. Turnitin the online system to submit my work failed on me, and I couldn't get hold of any of my tutors, so I spent a few days trying to make sure I wasn't penalised. There may have been tears, but all was submitted and I finished with and 2 2:1's one mark off a second first though, grr!

Unfortunately it's not going to slow down just yet, dissertation work starts now, 3 months and 8000 words to go. Wish me luck!

Thankfully now, my care situation has calmed a little which will help.

It got pretty difficult for awhile, I couldn't get out at all, spending most of that time stuck in bed, my mood wasn't the greatest.

I had stress from all angles, and I'm not one for showing, so it builds until it's to much, and for a little bit it was, but now everything is a little more settled, I'm back to getting out, not as much as I'd like sometimes, but we're getting there.

I suppose nothing much has happened/changed

Physio has stopped, it was going so well up until just before Christmas, my physio was ill so we agreed to sort it back out after Christmas, but as much as we seem to phone, we get nothing back, which is disappointing, but I've some techniques to work at while we figure it out.

I'm in the depths of getting a new chair. I was supposed to get one on the 16th of February, but it really wasn't suitable, I just had no support to help me balance, so I'm waiting to see a new consult for a different chair in about 6 weeks, and we shall see from there.

Apart from that it's been lots of lovely little things to keep me going, I have kept notes of all the lovely moments, fav songs, films and TV programmes of every month in my new 25 year dairy, that I hope to do every month for 25 years, so that when I'm 50 I can remember those little things I loved, that may not have remembered.

I'm hoping for good things this year, and really starting to think about the future, something I haven't been able to do for a long time, and I hope you enjoy it with me!



  1. That 25 year diary sounds great! Where did you get it from? What are you studying at uni? Best of luck for your dissertation, I've just finished my masters degree xxx

    1. You can get it here

      Film studies, i don't think i could handle a masters x

  2. Like your blog and your style of writing! You also have beautiful photos! Great job! I know that it requires so much time to update blog, but keep doing it!)
    I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

    Diana Cloudlet

  3. Ah sounds like you've been busy! Good luck with the dissertation :)


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