Wednesday, 12 November 2014

A trip down south


I know it's been a little while. All is pretty much good but busy.

My 3rd year of uni is a lot! My anxieties i had at the beginning of the uni year have definitely gone which is just great as i am back to being able to enjoy my course, but it's busy.

The work load is a more, then there's physio and trying to see people.

I've gone from not being able to do anything, to barely having a day off... it's one extreme to the next.

It's good to be back on the go, but posts might continue to be massively regular for a little bit.

Amongst all the craziness i did get away for a few days, heading down south to spend time with my aunt and yum.

It was really nice to just chill and have a giggle with some of my favourite people.

The first day rained so we had a long leisurely lunch, which including some of the best fish and chips i've had in a long time. We then watched Frozen, i now get the hype, followed by Texas Chainsaw, smooth transition i know :)

The next day was a gorgeous, autumnal day. We headed in to Chelsea for lunch at the Bluebird.

I had the burger which was soo good, delicious...but... the service was terrible.
We had to ask several times for condiments, to be ignored by 2 members of staff, and everyones chips were cold, it just took a little from the day.

But i'd give it another go.

I do like Chelsea, its lovely, and there's just so many places to eat and shop, my two favourite things.

Halloween was our next outing.

A fancy dress party at my aunts local. I haven't dressed up for years, and after a slight panic we were the only ones dressed up, it was a fun night.

It was a lovely few days, and a very welcome break, but i was straight back into it once back, and have been since.

I'll see you again soon i hope :)

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