Friday, 17 October 2014

John Legend #allofmetour

Recently most of my posts haven't been much fun, but for a while things weren't much fun.

For a long while life has just been fight after fight, weather it's health, help or anxiety.

I've had a few breakdowns, and although i really did want to just get it out i just didn't have the energy to think about things enough to write it down.

My friends and family have been amazing at keeping me in good spirits.

Keeping me busy

and it's starting to work

Things are settling down, and i'm not freaking out so much about uni at the moment, annnnnnnd the time finally came for the one thing i've been looking forward to for months

John Legend

Guys it was incredible

The seating arrangements was really annoying, and i was really ill for 3 days after, it was a long day in my chair.


It was worth every single minute

 After being a fan for 10 years, and his music getting me through lots of very long nights in hospital, it was everything i wanted it to be, although he didn't sing my favourite

Best night evers

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