Sunday, 14 September 2014

Up & Down

After a really rubbish few weeks I really thought things were getting better.

I kinda had a mini breakdown and just cried, got some thoughts off my chest, and felt better.

This was followed by a whole afternoon spent with my nan, cake and having a really good gossip.

A afternoon at the spa. Mum booked me a Indian head massage, which was incredible, followed by an incredible lunch.

 I then got to see my friend Jonny. He moved to Australia when we were 15, and I haven’t seen him since I was 17. He came back for a quick visit with his boyfriend, who it was lovely to meet. Annoyingly I was ill, so our dinner wasn’t as long as I hoped, but I got to see him, and that’s what counts.

(14 year old us)

Things were going good… But then things got a little rubbish again.

One of the PAs burnt my leg, right by my ankle, which is making me feel off pretty much constantly.

I found out that the other PA had screwed up my medication for a whole week, too much of one, not enough of another, which explains why I’ve been in pain all week. Just shows how important it is to have help that can speak and understand English.

Then there’s some other stuff that is going on that kinda sucks.

Huuuuuuufff… the only way is up so they say.

P.S. I just really want to say thanks to all those that have sent me a little message, it really means a lot… love xx

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