Thursday, 25 September 2014

I did it..

Hey, how you doing ? Been a while

I'm good, well ish

Things are still pretty up and down,

The day will start well, then something will happen and it leaves you feeling pretty deflated.

But today i'm in a good mood so i want to focus on the good.

Firstly, some pretty incredible news... Physio

In 5 weeks i have gone from pretty restricted arm movement, to a really controlled reach, and i can now push my chair.

This is amazing for me, i've now been paralysed for 7 years and have never been able to push my own chair. It was something completely off my radar of ever being able to achieve, so to be able to push myself in a pretty straight line, halfway down a corridor after 5 weeks is just incredible.

Pat on the back

All this on a day i felt ill.

I'm slowly getting my pre uni flu.

Which is a pretty good excuse for this..

I can only really get out at the moment once a week, (injuries, being sore and lack of help is making getting out difficult) and this day is usually spent eating delicious food somewhere lovely, with lovely people. Being a once a week treat it's only right i go all out, so i've been eating a lot of apple pie/crumble, which is both delicious, and getting me excited for autumn, and all the fun stuff i have planned for the colder months.

University starts soon and life's going to get busy, hopefully all the annoying rubbish will be drowned out with lots of fun stuff.

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