Thursday, 21 August 2014



I have been seeing a sports physio for around 5 weeks while waiting for the specialist mobility place to get back in touch, and I was really happy with the progress I have felt I have made, which to me has felt huge considering the short time I have been working with him.

Last Wednesday the centre got back in touch and I headed over for a meeting with the new physio, then on Monday I went for a more physical assessment.

They put me on the floor and just poked at me, tested my muscle strengths, and what muscles I can access, and then straightened me up.

I have a dodgy hip and a twisted knee and foot, which is uncomfortable. But surprisingly with around 10-15 minutes work I was in a pretty good position.

So the plan right now is to get me straighter, work a little still on my arms and shoulders, and see about getting a new chair.

I love just hearing so much positivity, they are unsure they’ll have enough time to get me to my goal, but they haven’t said no, which for me is everything.

I accept my limitations, but I don’t like no, especially when I feel like I’m able.

It’s going to be hard work, but I’m ready.

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