Sunday, 3 August 2014

July in film

Even with all we have done this month, I’ve still had time to watch a fair few films.

I’m teaching my cousin well, and he’s a bit of a horror film connoisseur.

When it comes to choosing a film he normally heads straight to my horror section.

His favourites were scream 4, which I’m told is his new favourite and have heard quote after quote since we watched it. He liked Saw 2, but found it scary. He also loved White House Down. He wasn’t massively impressed with Paranormal Activity: Marked ones, or R.I.P.D.

I pretty much agree with his dislikes. So much bugged me about R.I.P.D, it felt both lazy and try hard. They’d use over the top camera tricks, but be pretty lazy with the reflections of the guys, you’d see the real guys when you should be seeing their cover selves.

I loved loads this month  

Drinking Buddies – It’s not amazing, but it’s good. A lovely real story of friendship between a boy and a girl.

Bad Grandpa – I normally hate everything about Jackass, but I surprisingly really enjoyed this, it was funny, and I liked that there was a lose narrative holding it together.

Evil Dead – Sorry guys, but I am not a fan of the original films, I’ve really tried, but I just can’t take them seriously. But I liked this, it sticks to its whilst utilizing technology, and it made me jump a couple of times.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – I love ceaser! I spent my childhood being terrified of the original films, talking, human looking apes, no thanks. I watched the first remake on the telly and just loved it, so I’ve been excited to watch this since. It’s long and slow, but your attention is always with the film. I love the journey, the characters, and I love the message, but  I’m still a little scared of talking apes.

Non Stop – I didn’t hold out much hope for this, but it wasn’t bad. It kept me guessing, had action, it was a fun Friday night film.

Untouchables – I’ve watched this film a few times and I can’t express my love for this film. I have never identified with a film so much. It depicts the feelings of someone with a spinal injury, the relationship between a good PA and their client and the loss that comes with losing that relationship so perfectly. If you ever want to better understand my situation watch this film!

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  1. I actually haven't watched any of these movies! I don't seek out horror movies haha, I'm a nervous person.


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