Tuesday, 12 August 2014


It has been a lovely summer.

It’s not been big, but really nice, just lots of days out with moma liz, 3 very full weeks with my bugs, a wedding coming up soon. It’s been nice. But I am tired.

It’s hard work entertaining folk for 3 weeks straight, so i was happy for a few days rest, and i did need it

My body kinda hates me. 

The last few days with yum was hard, I just felt really light headed and dizzy. Our last meal out i had to leave early, i just felt so crap.

My feet aren’t happy, back to seeing the nurse once a week, my shoulders are so sore, sitting up for longer than a hour is a killer.

It is annoying.

I had a moment last week, i just want to be able to enjoy myself, and have a life without massive consequences.

I know it’s because I push myself, but a full day out shouldn’t be a push, it should be fun.


At least the days were worth it. 

Just hope i'm back in full working order before uni.

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  1. Sorry that life has felt hard lately Chloe - you're battling shit you shouldn't have to battle in your twenties. Wishing you all the good stuff, and that you're feeling better before uni goes back x


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