Friday, 22 August 2014

Care fail once again

There are no words to describe the feelings me and my mum are feeling right now.

For the 4th time in 2 months we have been left with no care for a period of 4 or more days.

I say we because this is something that doesn’t just affect me, but my whole family.

My mum has the stress of having to fight for something that a company is paid a huge amount of money for.

Then when no care is provided she has to help me, whilst holding down a full time job, then when  my mum is at work my brother has to cancel his plans so that he can in a sense babysit me.

I try my best to keep smiling, but I’m by no means honest with how much it gets me down with myself let alone anyone else.

I feel that if I am that’s an extra worry and stress on my mum, and I don’t want to feel it, I’m scared too, It will no doubt put me in a place I don’t want to be.

I just feel like such a burden on everyone

& my days are pointless.

Right now I’m at a point that I can only get out of the house to do physio, I can’t even get out of bed for a number of days most weeks, it gets you down.

My friends are good at coming round to see me, and break up the week, and the hairdresser was good enough to come to the house, but I might as well be in jail.

Active assistance the care company im with use these lines on their website

‘your life your care’

‘care on your terms’

‘active assistance – enabling independence’

‘care services tailored to suit you’

Not one of these have they lived up to.

Independence – really ? I can’t even get out of bed to have dinner in the kitchen with my friends if my mums at work

Care on my term – it’s really important to me because we are in a family home that the pas are under 27-28. It is hard enough having some random person in the house without that person being older than my mum. Of course if I lived alone, or if it was someone that left my house it wouldn’t be as big of an issue.  But it’s not fair for me to put on my family the awkwardness, and uncomfortableness of having another ‘proper’ adult in their home.

They continue to lie to us, lies we have caught them out on

They don’t communicate with us, I haven’t had a csm (someone that over sees my package of care, and who we communicate with) for over 5 month, and no one told us for over 3 month that she had even left.

Then theres the fact they leave it until the last 2/3 days of the current pa's assignment before getting back in touch with me, and then telling us they have no available pa's, or no pa's under 40, when they have had 3-4 weeks to get it sorted.

They will then book the pa's that are with us out to other people the day before they phone us saying there’s no available care, common sense would surely kick in and you’d just phone everyone to see if I and the pa are happy to continue the assignment, knowing I’ve no care for a few days before booking that pa on another assignment.

This company receives well over a £1000 a week to provide me care, with not even 40% of that  going to the actual pas that actually do the work, and they still receive this money when I have no care.

Where is this money going? what service is getting the majority of the money?

Clearly it can’t be the people in the office if they can’t even send a courtesy email to tell you your csm has left.

5 weeks until uni, my last year, i should be looking forward to it, but i am dreading it.

Thanks active for all the independence.

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