Sunday, 1 June 2014

Movies in May

 A lot of rewatchs this month, i didn't really have time to seek out new stuff so went with what i know and love, or what was on telly.

I recommend Conception - My 2nd time watching it, and it's just a really nice, often funny, pretty honest look at all the different ways babies are conceived. I thought it would be an awkward watch, i'm not a fan of sex scenes in films, they are normally just there for no reason, but here it's necessary and you  kind of don't pay attention, which is an odd thing to say considering it is a film all about sex.

I really liked the film Shiver, one of my assignments was about Spanish horror so i swated up. I found it pretty scary, it's a little like Mama but good. The beginning is a little misleading but it soon finds it's feet.

I loved White House Down, i remember it getting a lot of hate on twitter, but it's just fun, it is die hard, right down to the dirty white vest, but that is why it's good! Buy popcorn, invite your friends and just watch and enjoy.

Lastly All the boys love Mandy Lane, it's a good film, a gentle horror, but what i loved most was the cinematography, i thought it was gorgeous :) All the sun flares and the graininess, you don't see that nowadays.

I was a little disappointed with The Worlds End, it's just not that funny, and that makes me sad because Hot Fuzz is one of my favourites, which reminds me, i forgot to add that to my list.

I also found Prisoners to be a little underwhelming, it's not bad, but it's not particularly exciting either, plus it is really long. Jake G looks good though,  :)

You any favs from this month?

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