Tuesday, 27 May 2014


I had Physio today
Was my first session in sooooo long
I don't normally hold out much hope, a physio tends to hear my level of injury and just kinda write me off.
But after a conversation with a fellow SCI guy, i found a new trick.
He uses a personal trainer, and finds that they together think outside the box.
I've no luck with a trainer yet, but found a sports physio, and i'm impressed.
They actually listened to what i wanted and what i felt i needed.
Today it was my knee, inner thigh and hip, the muscles are so tight and prone to spasm and it's making my knee twist.
Some really deep tissue massage and stretching and my leg just feels so relaxed and lose and amazing. I have tried massage a lot before, but i'd take a deep breath and it would tighten up, we are 5hrs on now and it's still lovely and lose.

I'm excited to keep at it


  1. I've been in physio for years with not much progress. I found the physios knocked my confidence and said i wouldn't walk again.
    I think found a small gym near me and have a personal trainer. Someone donated money towards some parallel bars for the gym that i could use. I have come on so much in the last 6 months since i've been with him.
    I find the physios are to health and safety conscious whereas with my trainer i can do what i like. I fall down but so what.
    I can now walk a few steps with the help of leg braces, can't walk at all without them, but it has given me motivation and i've made new friends.
    Good luck with it and hope it helps x

    1. This definitely does keep me motivated
      I don't expect much, but nice to keep limber


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