Thursday, 15 May 2014

Mitton Hall

With all the stress of essays, mixed with the extra stress of new helpers, i've been a little AAARRRGGGHH...

it's sooo easy to become massively overwhelmed. I see so many tweets and facebook updates about deadline doom, revision brain block and exam horrors, which is helping me in not feeling alone, however it doesn't stop me wanting to crying into a big bowl of comfort food, questioning why i ever decided to go to uni, and wanting to throw my laptop at anyone that said "why didn't you start earlier."

But then you get it done, and sent, and you feel like you have conquered the world.

It's important to celebrate this triamph, if only to get you through the work, having something to look forward to really help.

So me and mum went to the most beautiful place for lunch, i felt like i was in Harry Potter.

There were big beautiful fireplaces and huge chandeliers, i wish i took more pictures but for more check out their site Mitton hall


The food was delicious, and i've decided this is where i will spend every future event! Gorgeous!


  1. What a lovely place to go for lunch, bet you feel relieved now.

  2. looks great!! :)


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