Sunday, 4 May 2014

April in Film

It feels like forever since i watched most of these, i binged at the beginning of the month.

Bully & Bridegroom were pretty hard watches, and i watched them on the same day. They are both incredibly captivating, moving and heartbreaking stories of injustice, and just how cruel the world can be. They are definitely worth a watch, just keep a tissue at hand.

I LOVED Our idiot brother, and told my brother that that will be him in 10 years. It's just a lovely little story, that's sweet, funny and heartwarming.

Compliance just kinda had me a little stunned.I remember studying a study similar in Psychology, Researchers would wear lab coats and tell students to shock someone if they got a question wrong, even though they were begging to stop, the students would continue. The shocks unbeknown to the students weren't real, but it was surprising how many would comply, just because an authoritative figure said it was okay, then i was shocked. Seeing it in this film just makes it that little harder to grasp, especially since this was a man on a phone.

My last favourite was 10 years,a film about a groups 10 year highschool reunion. i'd seen it before and i just love how it's not in your face, and it's not outrageous, the stories feel pretty real. It's slow but in a nice way, it let's you care about everyone. It has it's moments that will make you giggle, but mostly it just makes you smile and feel happy. Plus the song *heart melts*

Dislikes -

The Box, bored me and Birth was boring and uncomfortable.

I'd also recommend Hush, We're the Millers (hilarious) & V/H/S 2 It's crazy! Not always necessarily scary, more like WTF, but probably my favourite use of found footage.

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  1. Of this whole list I have only seen Scooby Doo and Jurassic Park! That's pretty awful haha, but I'm not one for keeping up with films and I much prefer a children's film over an adult one! I'm going to put Our Idiot Brother and 10 Years on my to-watch list, they sound like films I'd really enjoy :) I've seen a study with the shocks too - it was weird to watch! xxx


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