Tuesday, 15 April 2014

This week

Well last week, well last month if we are going to do this properly.

I haven't been the blogger i wanted to be recently.

I have ideas, and constantly taking snaps, but when it comes to writing it down i just can't find the motivation.

Combination of being in a odd head space, lots of uni work and writing in a different way. I've a thousand stories in my head, so i've started writing them down, and i'm really enjoying it.

Soooo... What have i been upto?

I went to see Sean Walsh, hilarious!! Apart from the annoying folk sat in front of us that had to shout out every other joke, cringe!!

My little yummers went to italy skiing and sent me jealous inducing pictures like this

Skiing doesn't interest me, but those views, wow!!

I took my mum out for lunch for a very belated mothers day, since she was away during mothers day.

Steak sandwich with red onion chutney, was sooooooo good.

I caught up on some tv too, watched the last 5 episodes of My mad fat diary, God i love that show! It just speaks me :)

My poor pops has been poorly, skin problem, she came in one day with half her fur missing. £75 at the vets later shes looking okay. I do worry about her, shes 13 now, im not ready for her to leave.

Yum visits next week with his pup, expect a gizillion pictures

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  1. Aww your poor puppy, I hope she's okay. That red onion chutney does sound delicious - I keep meaning to try and branch out and make my own chutney - some day, some day! I too have no interest in skiing, but that view is pretty awesome!


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