Wednesday, 9 April 2014

She back

Mummies back

I must say, considering how anxious i was, when i found out and at the beginning of her absence :) I got through the 10 days pretty darn well. Even making it to uni, when i could anyway, because i was really ill.

I can't work out if that made it easier though, because i did just want to hibernate. I think if i wanted to be out like normal i may have been a bit more anxious.

But it was good for me, i needed it, especially going in to the rest of this year. More of that a little later.

It was typical though...

Mum was away for 10 days, no incidents, shes back one day and i burn my hand.

Spent the day finally cleaning up the last of my stuff. Me being me, i got cold, so sat by the radiator, without even thinking i just stretched out and put my hand on the radiator. It wasn't until hours later after feeling a little off, that i noticed anything was wrong.

It is very sore but i can't help but laugh at the fact my burn is telling everyone to 'eff of :)

I burnt down the side to, i don't know if you are supposed to cover up burns, but it's all dry and blistered, so i have, because the way i move i could easily burst them, which would be worse, so i want to protect them.

Typical :)

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  1. You're better to wrap them in clingfilm hun. Hope you're feeling better though! It looks painful.


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