Saturday, 5 April 2014

March in Movies

Seems to have enjoyed a scare this month

I've enjoyed soooo many of this lot....

In Fear: I enjoyed, it was pretty tense, i was watching through squinted eyes at time... the end bugged me a little though, so did the girls ever changing accent, but a good friday nighter.

The Conjuring really did terrify me, i think living in a house once lived in by someone killed for being a witch, didn't help

Carrie 2013 bugged me and was just bad, i was really really disappointed.

I liked, surprisingly, Homefront, i don't normally like Mr Stathams films, but i did like it, everyone needs a film that is just about kicking ass every now and then.

I also really enjoyed On the Road and Rust and bone, i think R&B could have explored her fears a little more, but i know the emotions being explored so i think i might be a harder critic. But it's a good people story.


  1. I heard about In Fear ages ago but totally forgot to watch it so thanks for reminding me.
    I didn't think the new Carrie was too bad, the original was better though. Will have to check out Rust & Bone too, have avoided it for so long for some reason.

  2. How was Target ? It looks good.


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