Saturday, 29 March 2014

Home alone

So my momas abandoned me *sad face

Since my accident the most time ive been with out the security of my mother dearest is 5 days. As much as she drives me crazy when helping me out, i do still relay on her for a couple of my medical needs. So when she announced she was off to Tenerife for 10 days, i can honestly say i panicked, BUT surprisingly that panic didn't last to long.

My medical stuff can be done by PAs but the lack of consistencies with PAs drives my anxieties crazy and can cause problems.

So to keep them at bay i got everything i could in order, i ordered the food shop, planned the teas for the days, although i did order a day late, can't be perfect, and arranged days with friends.

So far, it's going good, apart from a car breakage, that warranted a phone call to my mum for the garage details, and me being under the weather, i could possibly handle this home alone shizzle, although i am glad my brother is about, it's quiet. I think i'll save moving out until i have a friend to join me. 1 or 2 quiet nights i like, but more is a bit dragging

Especially since being home alone isn't about house parties booze and boys anymore, but being allowed to put the heat on without asking permission... crazy!!

But like i said i do feel crap, so not being quite as able to be my busy self, due to those demon anxieties, hasn't bothered me to much, maybe if i wanted to be out and about more, i might be a little more frustrated.

Let's see how next week goes

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  1. Heat on without asking, that's a right treat these days isnt it!

    Buckets & Spades


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