Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Growing up a little bit

So me being me, i decided to get ill just before my birthday :(

Which was fun, antibiotics always make for a great party. I was naughty and stopped them the day of my birthday so i could enjoy a cocktail or 2, but i started right back after my McDonald's sorted me out.

But i haven't felt right since.

Time up is me saying "it hurts" a lot, and time in bed is uni work, film watching and very dangerous amounts of online browsing.

I did do 2 things...

Started on my wall of pictures

Plus i was very sensible and grown up, and set up a direct debit to pay off my credit card, £20 more than the minimum payment every month. No more phone calls telling me off for late payments, i'm to forgetful to keep paying monthly.

Becoming an adult :)

Even going to be living without parental supervision for 10 whole days soon, i need to make sure i don't eat takeaways every day.

And thankfully my PA knows how to use the washing machine, because i am one of those that has no idea. Me using the dishwasher used to be pressing every button, not realising that meant they went through every possible cycle, at least the dishes were very, very clean.

I'm good at saving though, that's sensible and grown up right ? :)

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