Wednesday, 5 March 2014

February films

wow i watched a lot in february, a lot of which i enjoyed!

A few favs - Scream, Bridesmaids, Urban Legend, One flew over the cukoos nest & Little miss sunshine... all films i adore! and quite literally watch them over and over, i watched Bridesmaids twice.

I enjoyed many a documentary this month

Blackfish - I was apprehensive about watching this, i've been to seaworld a few times, but it was really well put together and didn't feel like a bias hating on everything expose, really enjoyed it.

The act of killing - was so harrowing to watch i really was in such disbelief throughout the film, very deserving of the BAFTA.

The house I live in - really opens your eyes to the realities of the "war on drugs" in America and the pattern of drugs, race and poverty that is just forever repeating, fascinating.

I really enjoyed both This is the end and The internship, they were really funny.

A few surprises for me, Bully (2001) i'd never heard of it before and just found myself captivated by the story, and Bernie, like bully is a true story, that i just found myself really enjoying, you really feel for the characters.

Then there was 13hrs, a random little horror film that i just flicked on to, i had no expectations, and i really did enjoy it. 96 minutes, i can't explain it, but it was good.

I also liked the new Texas Chainsaw it didn't feel like another remake.

The only films i didn't love were Red lights - i was just a little bored.

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  1. I watched Silver Linings Playbook at the weekend and it was OK. Not sure what I was expecting, but it wasn't what I'd expected.


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