Saturday, 22 February 2014

loving myself

I would have loved to have included a picture of my gorgeous new hair, but today i'm feeling crap, so instead of looking like i should be in a herbal essence advert, i'm rocking this look

After a good 4 months or so of not going to the hairdresser i finally made an appointment, to the "accessible" hairdressers that is far from accessible, i was in fact lifted in instead of pleasantly rolling in, like you'd expect in an accessible location.

After the awkward parking, rolling up half a mountain, then the awkward lift, i was left to sit staring at myself for 15 minutes.

As much as i love getting my hair done, i hate it just as much.

Whhhhhhhhy!! is it necessary to stare at your whole self for over a hour. I can go days without looking in the mirror. I spent years hating everything about my body after my accident, so now, if i feel good, i'm happy, no need to point out the things i think are bad if i was feeling good. 

So being face to face with myself for over a hour isn't something i look forward to.


I must be getting better at liking myself a little more, because yes, for a little while i was like..."i hate everything" but i just stopped thinking about it, and remembered what i keep telling myself...

"those that care don't matter, those that matter don't care"

"i rather have fun and be happy, than look good "

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