Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Busy Bee

Im the worse at getting everything down atm im just tired like always.

I am in the middle of redecorating...

Life has consisted of uni, sorting out my stuff, which is nice, cathartic, getting rid of crap, while looking through old memories, it's nice.

I can't wait to have everything done so i can show it off.

I've also been eating out A LOT

Because i spent 2 3rds of January doing my work, i've spent every free day catching up.

I've had movie days with friends, lots of evenings where we just ate, gossiped and watched tv, and like i said eating out.

Twice last week

My mum has a new job at an amazing lil cafe, bistro place. So me and two friends went for lunch.
I had this ...

Foot long with crispy onions and sweet potato fries, homemade coleslaw with onion rings and homemade blue cheese dip. with out being bias, it was incredible. It's safe to say food for the rest of the day wasn't needed.

I had arranged lunch the next day, i really wasn't looking forward to more food but it was with my granddad whos been in canada for 2mth, so i went to see him and just had a couple chicken strips, whilst my brother devoured a 12inch pulled pork burrito.

This weeks just as busy, having a anti valentines

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