Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Stressing myself out

One essay down, one to go!!

But i'll get back to doing that tomorrow.

This last one almost killed me. I had done all my research before christmas, and had a few days off to enjoy the festivities, with every intention to get right on it. That was until my care company decided to just balls up my life. They just don't seem to listen to anything. We couldn't possibly make their job easier but they just aren't helpful. It got to a point were my mum just said hello and i was in floods of tears.

Every time i phone, everyone, and i mean everyone is in a meeting, about what, i've no idea.

I'ts soooo annoying!

Soo all the stress of that meant by the time i had time to work, it was 8pm and my head wasn't in it.

I do love to stress myself out.

My mum did her best to cheer me up and took me to have afternoon tea, which was brave because when ever anyone tried to talk to me i tended to reply with 'leave me alone'

But i'm glad i went, because i needed the break.

and the cake, and the cocktails.


  1. That's rubbish, would putting in a complaint make it worse do you think? Well hopefully you might win my giveaway, which would cheer you up!

    Buckets & Spades

    1. Unfortunately this isn't a new story, complained a number of times verbally and written, but i don't actually think they care.

      Looking into other avenues, but after this last essay :)


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