Thursday, 30 January 2014

Films films films

As i said the other day im noting all the films i watch this year, i'm curious as to how many i watch. I watched some pretty good films this month, i very much needed an escape from my work at the end of the night, and a film is definitely my preferred way of winding down.... I recommend most, but my favourites were:

  • The Untouchables - I loved this film, the story was really lovely, and honest 
  • The Heat - Hilarious, but subtle, not in your face humour 
  • The Departed - My first watch and all i can say is wow!
  • You're Next - Clever, i can see why it's compared to scream, pretty jumpy to
  • In the name of the father - Brilliant! It made me so mad

The not so great

  • Scary movie 5 - It really did just bore me, it wasn't funny 
  • Fire with fire - Not so much the films fault, but Bruce Willis... he was so bad in this film!


  1. The Heat was one of my favorite movies last year! It was hilarious!!!


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