Friday, 24 January 2014

Done, just...Kinda

So the craziness is over in some sense *fist pumps the air*

I just got my final essay in, 7 hours late but it's in.

I had a slight breakdown Tuesday... My care company continued to just stress me out, so i'd spent most that day trying to sort stuff out with them, i mean apparently PAs under 30 just don't exist, but my mum phones their boss and all of a sudden there is! How'd have thought it.

Someone that was supposed to come on permanently if we got on, but when we spoke she had a permanent placement. Then they text my PA i have now, saying that there was no PAs available for her weekend off, so she now has to stay, but the company still haven't said anything about it.

I mean i relay on these people to have a life, why don't they get this!

On top of that, after my mum read the calendar i realised my essay was due the next day, i just cried!!

Because of everything i only had a week to research and write 2500 words, which is hard enough with out everything else.

But it is done!!

I set out straight away making plans, yesterday nachos and gossip, tonight films and curry, and tomorrow lunch with a lovely and a trip to B&Q. Seeing people just filled me with instant relief. I'm ignoring the care company for now, im going to this weekend.

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