Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Catching up

So the best way to put a smile on my face, after some stressful weeks, is to see my friends.

I had been the most unsociable person throughout January, there was barely any texts, facetime, facebook or twitter, let a lone seeing people. When i did text it was me just saying how sorry i was for not being in touch.

So the first thing i did once finished was to text everyone...

Thursday was Nachos and gossip
Friday films and pizza
Saturday lunch... then a trip to B&Q
and Sunday, lots of films and mental preparation for my 6am wake up call for my first day back at uni.

I still have lots to make up for, starting with 2 missed birthdays.

But i'm getting there, back to having an actual life... feels good.

Thought i should fill everyone else in to :D

  • Just before christmas i started redecorating my room, which i'll be showing off once it's completely done, which may be around October.
  • I joined the official cat lady club and bought a huge cat climbing thing, they still won't scratch it though, any tips??
  • I've decided this year that i'm going to write down every film i watch. I watch a lot of films and fancied putting a number on it, hope i keep it up!!
  • And all my hard work is paying off with 3 firsts so far in my uni work... whoop whoop

Feb is going to be packed, i want to be doing lots!


  1. If you haven't tried it already try sticking cat nip all around and on the kitty tower. Failing that they'll use it when they are good and ready. We have a tower and to be honest, they really do use it more for climbing and sleeping then they ever do for their claws.

  2. I haven't, i'll give it a go, Dexter does sleep on it all day, at least it gets some use


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