Monday, 16 December 2013

Ouch Ouch Ouch

Ouchies comes in 3s

I have a sore, which is a nightmare for us wheelchair folk, because they take ages to heal and you have to sit and sleep awkwardly to try and keep the pressure off. I mean come on body as if everything else isn't enough, i now have to contend with healing differently... pssssshhhh

Secondly, something i can't say i expected to have a issue with.

I have scars right behind my ears from where my halo was... this thing

ohhh that makes me cringe

These scars are still pretty sore but having to wear specs is really irritating them.. i've had to on a few occasions sit like a complete dork with cotton wrapped around the ends. Any tips would be very welcome!

Lastly to add to my awkward sitting position and the cotton around my glasses, i have a big ass bandage on my toe

I am right now the epitome of sexiness... hahaha

I have no idea what i've done!! I must have banged it, and obviously because i can't feel it it's not been checked, so i woke up with a swollen foot and a bloody and bruised toe...

Ain't life fun :)

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