Friday, 27 December 2013

Christmas eve

Good crimbo everyone?

I'm still very much enjoying the festivities, so i'll post all about christmas mid january when everyone is over it =D

But i did want to share a bit of our christmas eve

My first little video, was so fun to make, i'm slightly hooked :)

Decorating gingerbread houses has become a family tradition... It started because i was a bit down my first christmas after leaving hospital, so mum bought me one, and i found i could do it alone, which gave me a massive sense of achievement.

Since then we've decorated from one to a little village... so much fun!


  1. I've seen so many gingerbread houses on the blogsphere that I really must make my own next year - they look so fun! My husband strangely enough came home yesterday with a vintage cookbook for a HUGE variety of gingerbread buildings and objects to make (even an awesome looking hot air balloon) although I think that would be beyond me to start with!


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