Monday, 30 December 2013

Christmas day

Another lovely family christmas this year, little quieter than usual. Instead of having half the fam here, there was only the 8 of us.

We where all up at 8.30 to open presents... i did well this year

Fisheye lense camera
Faux leather jacket
Some artwork
A wooden stag head
Tetris lamp
Loads of dvds
& chocs

Great little haul, i also loved how much everyone else loved there presents. I got my brother a steelbook copy of his fav film halloween as part of his gift, he still only has it on video, so he loved that.

& my little cousin loved his bag of zombie, sharks and french bull dogs.

After breakfast we went to the pub to meet some more of the family.

Dinner, was followed by games, and lots of laughs... coming mostly from the heads up app game, which is so much fun and massively hilarious.

It was a perfect day, but i was very ready for bed.

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  1. Happy Christmas lovely- looks like a slap-up meal! Happy new year too x


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