Sunday, 15 December 2013

annnnd relax

After several weeks of staring at books and my computer screen i have FINNNNALLLLLLY finished my essay!! Whoop whoop!! I can safely say numerous amounts of alcohol will be consumed.

As most of my time was spent doing nothing but write about auteur theory it feels like i've done looooads this weekend!!

first things first decorator is coming Monday... excited! So my room had to be cleared.

It's making my room cold and echo-ie...

Also spent a day baking with moma.. she did what she does best and emptied the cupboards and winged it.

She is a genius!
We ended up with brownie muffins, hazelnut and chocolate flapjacks and a medria cake.
I ate plenty whilst i drank tea and wrapped christmas presents.

I embraced the cold!

I love this hat! It's a boys one from ASOS, it's properly warm and comfy!!...boys always get the best stuff!

I backed up my computer, since it's failing massively, spent some time with the family, caught up on The Mentalist and boardwalk empire... and indulged in bad reality tv, TOWIE, KUWTK and Made in Chelsea, with chinese food .... It's been a good way to relax after lots of stress and hard week...

Tomorrow the fun will begin, i've lots planned

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