Thursday, 28 November 2013

Oh what a day

Late de de de dum de de de dum..... yeah i don't know the words to the song, but i hope you are all humming along  =D

I had probably the most longest days evers Tuesday!!

& expensive

I haven't been so productive in a long time, i'm very much a beliver of 1 or 2 activities a day is good enough. If i've had a 3 hour lecture in the morning, i don't want to spend the rest of my day running errands, i want to chill and drink tea.

But Tuesday, i just thought, while i'm out i'll do everything and get it out the way, so i can have no extra stress when i pull 9 all nighters to get this essay done, which i have recently found out why it can be so hard to get done.

Tuesday started with a eye test, where i found i need glasses. It's not because i have bad eyesight, i have something that begins with a s, that means my eye instead of focusing on the light, it splits it, so it goes all scattered. So i need specs for reading, watching telly and especially for subtitles, which is so important for my course, because i watch a hell of a lot of films with subtitles.

So happy i know i'll be able to watch a whole film, and read more than 2 paragraphs without getting a headache, But i was a little devastated, i have never suited glasses, 20 minutes and a £125 later i found some that look okay.

I then went on to complete my whole to do list.

I sold my old phone
Returned jeans
Bought momas christmas presents
Saw a old friend
Looked for christmas decorations
Organised christmas presents

Then if that wasn't enough i came home and structured and wrote my presentation.

All before 5:30

And i didn't even get to see the piano man that's been wondering around town.

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