Tuesday, 5 November 2013

No Fireworks fun

Im so jealous reading about everyones bonfire nights.
It is my favourite thing about autumn,
bonfires, bbqs, hot cider, hot chocolate, toffee apples and fireworks.
Sat in the cold, wrapped up in 40 layers

i love it!

Annoyingly the village bonfire has moved, no idea why, i think i need to have a word with the 'events committee' they need some young blood.

It would have been ideal, especially since i'm feeling so crap, just have to open my doors, and im in or out.

It seemed all pretty local ones where cancelled this year.

So bonfire night was cancelled altogether for me this year.

Going to far, whilst dodge and the really bad weather, isn't the greatest of ideas.

I definitely try not to let anything get in my way, especially when it comes to fun, but this funk is getting in the way a lot recently, and because i keep pushing my body, and luck, to get through lectures, days off are spent moaning in bed, hence why i watched 17 films last week.

So unfortunately, fun has been put on the back burner for now.

Oh well, i'll just really enjoy christmas!!


  1. oh that's annoying! you should definitely take over the event committee! ;-)


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