Saturday, 9 November 2013

It's beginning to feel a little like christmas

I'm not entirely there yet with being in a Christmas mood, last year it didn't hit me until like 2 days before, but i was stressing myself out with essays.

But i am loving the Christmas ads this year...

It seems to be getting mixed opinions this year, but i love the John Lewis ad...

It's just soooooo cute! He gets to see Christmas...  & i love the song, it's not as depressing as previous years, especially last years.

I think i love it a little more because i love the film brother bear, and the bears look the same.

Continuing with the Disney theme... Morrisons has pulled out a little gem.
I have for years hated there ads, mostly because when in hospital there ads just had cream cake, after cake, after cream... ever since they have just made me feel sick.
But this years is great!

How can you not like a gingerbread man, dancing around singing be my guest.

The argos aliens are still knocking about, which, although im TERRIFIED of aliens, i actually like... the baby one is to adorable

The shaved santa, little freaky

My favourite though is the M&S ad.... it makes me feel a little giddy, like christmas should!

It's just a little magical

I'm not quite there yet, but these ads are definitely getting me on my way to christmas


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  2. I am definitely not as into the Christmas spirit as everyone else it seems. But I will be as soon as Thanksgiving is over!


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