Saturday, 2 November 2013

Hospital visits

I've mentioned a bit recently in recent posts that i ain't been on form.

Luckily i had managed to get a hospital appointment at the local hospital.

It's always a slightly hilarious trip, this one didn't fail to entertain.

I get that the majority of people in hospitals are in wheelchairs because they are just ill and weak, but i'm pretty sure it's mentioned more than once in my medical file, that every doctor and nurse that saw me had, that i am in fact paralyzed, so standing to get my height, weight and getting on the bed, ain't going to happen.

Unfortunately, didn't really get any answers, the doctor thought it could be a couple of things, he doesn't really think surgery will help to much, and is a little worried about the ligisticks of surgery.

Soooo now i have to wait for a appointment with the head of the department for his opinion too.

Which i'm told will be months, fun! But i am happy to be getting a second opinion, rather than just being given unnecessary pills, and having unnecessary surgery and treatments.

Just got to wait.


  1. Hope you're not waiting for too long, must be so frustrating waiting for answers x

  2. Uh that must be annoying, it definitely sounds like it. I'm sure it'll fly by!


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