Friday, 15 November 2013

Dum de dum de dum

Its been a odd week or so

It's consisted mostly of uni work, fyi my new mastermind topic is James Bond and Dr.No, i now know more about that film than anyone needs to.

If not uni work it's surprise surprise, been spent being ill.

This has been the longest i've felt so crap, and it's getting really annoying now.

I've only gotten out once, other than uni in the past 2 weeks, to have tea with my granddad before he jets of to Canada for 2 months, alright for some :)

Obviously i treated myself

I say myself, 4 of us shared it. it was delicious, and so so necessary, i felt better for at least 10 minutes.

Good news, my appointment with the bjg boss consultant has come through, not until January, but sooner than i expected.

Hopefully next post i'll have something more fun to report.

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