Thursday, 7 November 2013

The Crash Reel
I watched a documentary film this week, nothing new, i'm a lover of peoples stories.

It was called Crash Reel, and it's about a snowboarder Kevin Pierce, who had a accident that left him with a traumatic brain injury.

I know our accidents are worlds apart, our injuries are worlds apart, but at times it really felt like he was taking the words right out of my brain.

It was so weird for me to see this guy going through the same motions, even if it was because of a different circumstance.

And i really admire how far he came in the time he did, because 2 years after my accident, leaving the house was a daily struggle.

I find it so difficult to articulate my frustrations and my thoughts sometimes, especially at the beginning of my journey, but i found he would just say things that i have felt for sooo long, things that i have been afraid to say, because, from day one i have never wanted to seem like i'm not coping.

It let me see that missing the old me, because i am different from the person i was, and being sad that i don't have the life i thought i was going to have, is okay. It's hard seeing all your friends moving forward, whilst you are stuck in the same cycle.

Wanting it to all go away, and wake up from this 'dream' doesn't just mean i'm not excepting of my situation, its a normal emotion.

I found it hard when he was going through periods of frustration.

Especially when you are trying to express your frustrations and feelings, but everyone around you is making you feel selfish for having those feelings.

Of course i get it's through their own love and frustrations, but you just feel like no one is listening to you, and when it's only your voice you have, and no one is listening to you, what else do you have.

You do get to a point where you feel your decisions are the right ones for you, but others still feel they know best, something which is a ongoing battle for me.

Was good to see someone of a similar age, because i never had that, when kn hospital i was 16, everyone else was late 20's, to 60's. The film did show that being younger, you kind of except the situation sooner, because you want to get back to doing what you did before, being young, having fun with friends, but it makes not getting there immediately so frustrating.

I got so much from this film, but j think anyone would get as much, because it's really honest, but gentle, my story would have a lot more bad language!

You really do feel every emotion, and although i was very much with kevin, i could understand where his family where coming from.

I'd love to know what view others come from and why!?!

But for sure, watch it!

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  1. I too am a lover of peoples stories. And i very much admire yours. I think what you have gone through is amazing. I can't imagine how frustrating things must be for you at times and it makes me admire you so much more. I don't know if i would have been able to carry on like you have done. The strength you have is something you should be proud of every day. You're stronger than most of us just for being able to make it through the day. Don't ever stop being proud of yourself!


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