Thursday, 24 October 2013

Weekend with yummers

This weekend my favourite little guy came to visit

I had loooooooads planned for us, but it didn't really go to plan.

Saturday we went to the opening for the bistro my mum has started working at, and is doing an amazing job, more of that tomorrow...

We had then planned to go to Blackpool to see the illuminations with a whole gang of us. We set off, the sky was blue and we nad a old Rihanna cd playing. Suddenly the sky went grey, there was a crack of lighting and the heavens dropped a ocean on us.

I have never been so terrified! It was like we where storm chases. The rain was so loud you couldn't hear anyone talking, you couldn't see anything, and the lighting filled the sky.

We turned around, i spent the whole time with my head in a pillow, trying my very best not to have a panic attack because i didn't want to panic Steph anymore then i knew she would be.

Our trip to blackpool turned into a terrifying car ride, then fish and chips with everyone before heading home, at least we where back in time to get warm, cozy and ready for x factor.

We where then supposed to make christmas cards, with the several hundred craft delights moma had bought. we got one in until yum was distracted by my amazing tv choices, hotel of mum and dad to be exact.

Our weekend of fun ended with movies and crisps in bed. We started with world war z, which we really enjoyed, even though i had him and my brother explaining how they would survive zombies.

We then watched The Purge, which was good, different. I think jan was a little scared, because he spent mlst the film twirling my hair, because he can't do plaits, it was really relaxing actually but i looked a little like i had dreadlocks.

Not exactly how i'd planned, but any time with my munchkin is lovely.

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