Sunday, 13 October 2013

This week

Sooooooo not with it atm,
i've been busy doing not so fun things, and when i'm not busy or in pain, i'm just chilling.

Boring stuff includes uni, watching films for uni and reading for uni.. i say boring, i'm really enjoying this term, and being in a slightly different class, which is dangerous because i'm a parrot and there's a lot of different accents.

I've spent far to much this week... Not only did i get my gorgeous new window seat, that Dex has already claimed, and i got for a 3rd of the price, bargain! But i also brought a few christmas presents, and had a lil spree in primark, h&m and river island, but really, ain't that what student loans are for :D

I finally have an appointment for a consultation for all this pain i've been having, only been a year! Honestly i think i just want surgery, then i can hopefully cut out some meds, there clocking up.

I've been feeling extra spoilt, mums now the head chef of a new Bistro, so shes been testing the menu out on us, i don't think we've ever eaten so well. The homemade flatbread, chicken and salad with homemade hummus is a winner!

A weekend of supervising my cousin make pancakes via facetime, and finding a t-shirt i quite literally looked everywhere for, but somehow it turned up on the same pile, ( i think there's a poltergeist now laughing at me) it's been a pleasant, quiet week.

Got lots planned next week, so lots more fun things to share, unfortunately being pretty content, and just seattling in to uni, doesn't make for a fun blog.

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