Friday, 18 October 2013

Something good from something bad

A couple of weeks ago, my aunt told me my uncle wanted to talk to me about something, obviously this instantly filled me with fear, talks are never good.

But it was good, well now it's good, at the time i was terrified.

My uncle has been in the police for a very long time, and has recently started working with dealing with hate crime, and at the moment hes been involved in the training of other officers about hate crime. During these sessions they have been having people talk about their experiences, and now he wanted me.

My first thought was 'arrrrrgggggghhhh'

My thought until 10 minutes in was 'aaarrrrgggghhh'

I'm not to bothered about talking in public, but when it's about something so personal, it's scary, there's nowhere to hide.

But i am soooooo glad i did it.

Writing it was a little emotional, but telling it felt good, it was nice to think that sharing my experiences helped others, which is my goal in everything.

It was an amazing opportunity, something i hope i get to again, it's nice to get that feel good buzz.


  1. It sounds like a good opportunity to share your feelings and make people aware of how badly some people treat others. I can't believe your community objected to the build, I feel angry that they stood up and said no and to live in the basement - that's so out of order. The guy in the club too. Did the build eventually go ahead? I hope so xxx

    1. It did!! :D love my little haven :')

      Thanks for the lovely comment xx


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