Sunday, 15 September 2013

This week

So this week

We fiiiiiinnnnnnnally finished putting the wardrobes together, only took 2 weeks, now all i have to do is sort through my mountain of clothes, and try really, really, really hard to part with some old, but holey favourites,  it's like i'm being told to throw out my life, devastating.

I registered for uni... year 2, just as anxious and terrified as my first

The weather went cold, so out has come the woolly jumpers, my growing collection of blankets, and we lit the first fire of the season, loooovely.

My moma dearest has been working over 50 hours for the past few weeks, crazy lady! So apart from not seeing her much, we haven't had a proper roast dinner in ages. Friday she actually had the day off, and instead of doing nothing for the day like any normal person would, she spent the day in the kitchen and made the most incredible roast i've had in a long time!!

With some very impressive yorkshire puds


  1. What an adorable blog you have :)
    What are you studying at uni?

    Nice to meet you!

    (South of England)


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