Sunday, 8 September 2013

This Week,

About sums up my little lady

Been a tad busy this week

Revisited ikea, with back up... finding everything was easy, getting it in the car, different story!
I got in first, then we proceded to fold chairs, push chairs and bend people to get it in the car. we had measured the car, but didn't account for me being in the car. We just about squeezed in after a 20min game of human / wardrobe jenga... even managed to squeeze in a mcDonald's.

My brother said he'd build it, it's still in a box.

Went out for tea with my brother and granddad, i'd been craving the gravy all week, got my sausage and mash, different gravy! I was a little heartbroken.

I also have no phone now, which is more annoying than i expected! It had become useless so i dropped it at carphone warehouse. Luckily because it's the phone playing up at it's own acord it's free, no replacement phone though!

You had a good week ?


  1. awww nooo, the worst thing is when you're craving something and you just can't get it :( You should treat yourself to another treat to make up for the let-down! ;)

    xo marlen
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