Thursday, 26 September 2013

Back to Uni

Year 2, Term 1, week 1
Can't actually believe i've made it this far!
I say that, i barely made it through the first week.

3 very early mornings, where i'm woken by terrifying minions or king Julian telling me he likes to "move it move it" were a killer!!

And because i'm me, of course i get "ill" a week before starting uni.
I say "ill" because technically it's more of a crazy intense pain.
It's awful!! Like i can't breath, i need help!

It's annoying because i'm looking forward to this term... the modules are pretty interesting, and the film list ain't half bad Jaws and the Exosist, great night in :)

The essay questions are a bit crazy though, may need to give myself longer than a week.

Good news though, i was only a little anxious, and only for a moment, and mostly because i was 5 minutes late and thought id have to wheel through 100 people, dragging a few chairs along with me,but thankfully there was another door.

It got even less when i realised my other lectures only have like 15 people, that i already half know.

Let's just hope i survive, doctors phoned, fingers crossed!

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