Tuesday, 10 September 2013

And on the third day we...

We 'chillaxed' on Our 3rd day.. split up a little and did our own thing.

My cousin, aunt and uncle went for a walk along the canal, which is where all the gorgeous pictures from the first half are from.

Me, mum and Steve had lunch outside, your standard, bread, cheese, pate, bread, deli meats, salad, bread and cheese. Then headed into the little near by town to sit in the sun with a beverage.

Every Tuesday, the owners have a BBQ, which i love as it gives all the guests a chance to meet and chat. Everyone brings some meat, and a little BBQ buffet is created, which let's face it, is pretty amazing, you couldn't get much better, until....

Crepe bar!!

Jacqui, made the first to show everyone how it's done, then let everyone have a go. Yum loved it, and masted the skill pretty quickly. I opted for the classic, massive spoonful of chocolate spread, and a huge scoop of some of the most amazing icecream i have ever tasted.

Lovely day!! But i'm glad this post is over because i'm off to eat crepes.

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  1. These photos are so lovely!! I love photos involving family, food and general good times :) the crepes sound delicious! xx


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