Sunday, 1 September 2013

A trip to Ikea

Sooo.... I'm just about coming out of holiday mode, that relaxed i really don't want to do anything, and i'm not even going to stress about it mood, has lasted aggggeeesss.

Hence why my trip to ikea resulted in me having 2 slices of cake / pie for lunch... oh well =D

Was needed though... Ikea is stressful, didn't plan ahead very well. Was just me and Steph. So our plan was i'll choose, then i'll go to the car and steph can pick up the box, simple.
Not simple.... it came in about 70 boxes spread across the whole warehouse, over 3 floors.

We asked for some help, but soon found that it costs £15 to have someone put your boxes on a trolley... even when the girl in the wheelchair trys and looks really helpless, using my disability for good wasn't going to work this time... They did though offer to put the frame on a trolley, but then steph would have to try push me around plus navigate one of the the huge ikea trolleys, which was going to be impossible, and i felt a tad bad leaving her to wonder around for two hours looking for door handles...

Heading back Tuesday with my brother and friend as backup.

This didn't stop me leaving with 40 coat hangers, i thought there was 5 in a pack not 8, a bin, a blanket, 3 lights and bed sheets.

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  1. I absolutely love Ikea! It's pretty poor that they didn't help you though, and £15 is so steep for a bit of a hand! I think they should help anyone with a disability free of charge, I'd have thought it was a given to be honest. The cake looks so so delicious. Last time we went to Ikea they had cinnamon donuts and honestly they were the best donuts we have ever tasted! Feeling a trip to Ikea coming on..! xxx


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