Sunday, 4 August 2013

This Week

This week ...

Well this week is still crazy... This lil dude is keeping me busy
It was a little calmer than last week, but we have still done plenty

I watched as jan painted swatches on my wall, still deciding on colours
Jan gave me a pretty impressive makeover
We had pancakes for tea, i had bacon and syrup, jan had nuttela and strawberries
We went out for tea with mum, bro and auntie sarah, italian... i had calzone, was delicious :)
We spent days watching Catfish, there's new eps online if your like me and can't wait, we also watched Piranha 3d, Piranha 3dd, Hangover 3, The Hole, Identify Theft, Troll hunter, Diary of a Whimpy kid: dog days, Rango ,The Incredibles, and a nickelodeon film, that contained many swear words, and a giant chicken humping a car
Saw my friend and his little brother, which was nice to catch up, & jan and mabs where able to play on the park
I got a day off, while jan went for a long walk with my auntie and her dog
Jan went butterfly hunting, caught 3 than decided to let them lose in my room
We made pizza from scratch, more on that to come
We went for tea with Ellie and Joely for Joelys birthday
Had a massive brunch
and finnnnnnally finished with a movie fest and sweet sunday

Tired is a slight understatement

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  1. Lovely blog. Those pancakes looked delicious and The butterfly is so cute! It sounds like you've had a lovely week.


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