Thursday, 1 August 2013


It's been pretty crazy here, and i'm so all over the place.

You may have noticed my lil pip squeck cousin, yummers is visiting, for almost a whole month! He is staying with me for almost 3 weeks, even bunking in my room, my only escape is when i'm showering and getting changed. It's a really good job i love this kid!

Then we are off to France together for 10days, again sharing a room, i think i deserve a medal!

I LOVE having him here, he is like the only person that doesn't judge me in anyway, makes me feel like i can do anything, mostly 'cause i have no choice, he takes so much of my anxiety away...

It's great...

Especially at this time, when i'm having trouble communicating.

It's so frustrating

I feel like every time i try i'm told i'm being selfish, which completely grinds me down, because i start every single conversation addressing the other persons feelings.

I've suggested counselling, we'll see.

Pleeeease don't worry about me, i'm not depressed, i'm not even sad so much, apart from at the time of course, just really frustrated.

I just needed to get this out

Soooo in the mean time, i'ma just take in the good times.


  1. Keep your head up and have a wonderful time in France!

  2. Don't worry about others! Focus on yourself and the good. You know yourself the best, and I doubt you are selfish. Sometimes people need space and time for their self. I hope you have a great time in France and it brings you lots of fun and joy! Post many pictures :)


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